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Our first digital release comes from the duo RAW GAMMA, consisting of 10th Letter (Jeremi Johnson) and Stefan Ringer. The self-titled 6 track EP features an array of tracks that are eclectic and entrancing. The first selection, "Do This" , is a proto -intergalactic ethereal house vibe. Lax vocals lay over the groove, giving instructions to the spontaneous dance that accompanies the track. "Say What U Mean" is next. This song really creates that perfect blend between house and the garage/2 step sound. The melody is gorgeous. The switch ups, drops, and adlibs are so potent. We continue on to "Streets of Rage". This track is big. Pure energy. RAW GAMMA. The arpeggiator and looming middle bass line fight for your attention, while simultaneously sounding complimentary to each other. When you combine those dynamics with the customized electro influenced drums, uncle luke-esque vocals, and random explosions, you get a track called "Streets of Rage". Next is "Synapsis". A classic example of tapping in. This is forward leaning, cerebral, and infused with bounce. The arp shines through the atmospheric textures, while everything is dripped appropriately in reverb. "Black2theFuture" follows with a downtempo exercise that stretches one's perception of what on and off feels like. In a good way! The addicting rhythm and sparse bass line grab your attention while various flavors of synth stabs and riffs align the track; blending together to form the groove. The final gem on this track is "Bout that Life". This is a song that almost forces you to move. The staccato drums, reverse chords, and purple synth melody create this ever-so perfect base to keep you going forever. The middle bass shines out loud creating an almost infant-like comforting riff. The vocals are very transparent to the artist. One can truly only be themselves. Only the meeting of these two specific minds could create a style like this. RAW GAMMA.
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