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1. Life Is Back (Original)

2.Life Is Back (Kai Alcé Life is Sweet Interpretation)


4.Dancin In The D

When your project is named Truth EP, there can be no lies! This project has 4 heaters of various degrees in temp and flavor. Life is Back is a breezy uplifting stepper to glide you smoothly into the nite. Lauryn's poignant vocals ring throughout. The Kai Alcé Interpretation is a blissfully pleasant floor filler. A new keys progression cascades and flows to the groove expertly. The track is a definite groove and an excellent remix. Now Dancin In The D is a darker more freaky cut. The bass line moves so funky to the beat. That experience combined with Ash flowing on top of it takes the track to another level. This one really does sound like a fun nite in the D! Truth. The title track. Ash really spoke from the heart on this one. This track is raw. The aggressive rhythmic drum patterns dig an impression into your memory. The hypnotic bass will keep your ears glued while the beat takes control of your body. You hear the truth Ash Lauryn is speaking about and the chord progression looming to along. They both fit perfectly together simple and meaningful. Be You. and Be True to who You are. This project is a proper contribution to the collection.


released September 3, 2021

All lyrics written and performed by Ash Lauryn. Additional Vocals on Life is Back and Dancin In the D performed by Stefan Ringer. All music composed by Stefan Ringer and Ash Lauryn for MUSIC BY FWM ENTERTAINMENT BMI

Mastered by Ben Hixon


all rights reserved
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