FWM 002 IS HERE (dat pack just landed)

Updated: May 16, 2019

Seeing things come to fruition.

What 600 copies of a record looks like.

So, this is the first blog post that I'm making on this site and ever. Mainly to promote the new record coming out (FWM 002) and create more content for the site. I put a lot into this record; time, money, effort. Creating for me has always been an abstract concept.I never really know what I'm making, most times when something comes out good, it wasn't planned. I'm not a trained musician. I do have a handful of keyboards / synths but I only know what I know for myself. I kind of make music by what sounds good to me. So I like to say I stumble upon grooves, that then get fleshed out. For me, my best tracks have always been the ones I never had a vision for. For me, the vision comes right after I make that initial groove that stays on repeat for like15 mins straight. Once, I find that, I know I have something. I got this concept from Kai Alcé. It's a way to calm down and realize "Hey you got something here, now let's see where to take it."

I'm proud of this release. I really think the A1, SO is the one thats gonna make people buy it. To me, I can see folks playing this one at festivals all summer and beyond. The chords exude emotion, the drums steadily provide the energy to match the chords. The most interesting parts of this track are the changes into the different sections. This song is about 8 mins. In that 8 mins it changes about 3 times. Each transition compliments the change thats about to happen, which in turn keeps this track exciting. Go check it out if you haven't yet.

Afrotine the B1, is a great flip to SO. It reminds me of a tropical environment. The tone of the song is calm, yet inviting to movement at the same time. The percussive and chromatic sounds of the calimba is intoxicating. It pulls you into the track. the B2, Time, is the vocal track on the release. I try to put at least one track that you can just listen to that has vocals. I have this theory about electronic music. Basically, if everything in your tracks is made from a machine how will humans identify with it. Vocals add a human element to a track that is made primarily through synthesis. Most of the sounds we hear in electronic music do not occur in nature. Vocals are that human connection to a track. They tell you what the song is about, and influence what you think about the song.

FWM002 came together out of this same process. Time was the first track I created and was like "Damn, I need to put this out." It actually came out of another track that I spent way too much time working on. I feel like I went through so many edits and changes in arrangement on the 1st version that it just ended up turning me off to it completely. I went back to it and sampled the first melody and it just came together so quick. Then I created SO. With this track it all started with the melody. The inspiration just flowed out. I made the drums after the melody then recorded the vocal phrase and that was a wrap. This track is so long because of the changes. I think having a track change up warrants playing it longer in the mix. You have to let this one evolve while you play it. It's great for transitioning from a high energy moment into a freakier, acid type moment. and Afrotine just kind of happened. I found this sound on the CZ 3000 called Calimba. This sound basically started the whole process of making that track. Again, this one came together because of the melody. So this is basically how this EP came together and I hope you all like it and play it out. Thanks for reading.

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FWM Entertainment is a DIY Record Label based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The label was started in 2018 by artist Stefan Ringer.