Updates and Thank You(s)

"marketing" the new release via Lot Radio's stream. #getithowulive

HUGE THANKS to everyone who purchased the new 12". I feel like I been hawking it every chance I get. Hey, thats the grind though, right? I will drop them digital files on ya'll in the shop on this site. When, I don't know yet, but, all people who ordered the record will receive a free DL code for the digital files to show appreciation.

Past month or so has been great. The trip to Detroit during Memorial Day Weekend was amazing. Met some of the coolest people and reconnected with my house and techno fam from all across the US. The Underground and Black Party was crazy! So much support and love from all those who came out. I feel like I met everyone I've been following from IG too. To all those I met, big thanks to you for being apart of this culture/ecosystem. Together, we make this thing work.

A few snap shots from the Underground and Black Party May 25th 2019 in Detroit @ Mixx Bricktown. Photo credits: @jamecharlesmorris , @layfad , @d2t404

June 8th Lot Radio and Public Records gigs with Ash Lauryn , in NYC. The Lot Radio was alright. Lots of people were out although I don't think it was because of us. Anyways, we did what we do. i rocked my shit. Ash rocked hers. "Hawked" some records out over the airwaves! Sold some to the people who were out in the lot too! Pro-Tip: If you selling something let it be known.

Public Records is a new spot in NYC. I guess it is supposed to fill in the gap that Output left. The space is a huge "1 up" to any other club I've been to, let alone play at. "Everything is the best!" words from Francis Harris, the owner and music director over there. I agree. The mixer is the only one of its kind in the world. The needles they use for the turntables are one of a kind specially designed for this club. The booth is wild. 4 technic 1200s mk5 (I believe), and 3 CDJ 2000s (I believe). Private bathroom for the DJ, which makes sense. I have definitely been that guy" trying to cut the line to take a leak during my set. The staff there was extremely nice and would bring basically whatever you wanted. I can say this was the most professional place I've played at so far in my DJ career.

When I say we grinding. I mean it. When I travel like this to DJ, I get to have these experiences and meet new people. I don't take it for granite. I work a regular job (many jobs) to make ends meet. DJing and making music is not my only means of income, yet it earns me these experiences and I'm glad that there are people out there that like what I have to contribute to this music community.

Honorable Mentions: SUBLIMATENYC was crazy! Go if you can. Linked with this cat @guarionex_jr amazing photagrapher.

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